Wednesday, December 13, 2017


The inclusive aspect of awakeness
is ongoing and unstoppable
when surrender has occurred. 

You can not make this happen,
but one gives one's consent to it.

This call to give oneself and all that comes up
is unsought, spontaneous 
and answers something
which is at the same time
universal and intimately personal.

If you find yourself here you will notice 
that all concepts, systems, frameworks fail.

There is only the process happening. 

There are no two things.

Just this happening.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Some questions...

Was there ever a time that you were not here?

Do you have a memory of your absence?

Is it possible to live without concepts?

Even the Nondual concepts?

No concepts at all?

Can we do away with the frameworks we have become so
accustomed to?

The bagage we have picked up on the way.

Any idea which has not been investigated 
and experienced by ourselves
is second hand information 
taken on because someone else has said so.

Is it possible to live without concepts?
Truly alive here and now to what is happening?
Without referencing it to the mind?


Thursday, November 16, 2017


As new born babies
we are noticing everything directly,
as there is not yet a fixed position.

It is one fluid field of knowing.

Until we are conditioned, 

through upbringing and education,
from morning to night,
that what we are is limited to the body.  
This is our identity.

And as nobody has confirmed us in our perception
of the ever present nature
of our being, 
we believe the lie and
settle for a fake reality.

Somewhere we know we are
beautiful and divine.

But we are brainwashed not to brag,
not to show ourselves

and to hide.

Somewhere we know we are
timeless, ageless and perfect.

But we are never confirmed
in this intuitive knowing and thus
slide into inferiority complexes
because our ever changing
appearance does not match the
fashion models of this moment.

Somewhere we know we are
ever present and all knowing;
our direct perceptions revealing
the truth of existence as it is.

But we get caught up in the
story of separation, of human 'doings.'
Entering the stream of time.
Of past and future.
And end up living in a conceptual framework
where things are only known by its labels.

Somewhere we already know we are
whole and complete.

That is why this message
of non separation is resonating with many.

It is already telling us
what we know to be true.

A place we never left.

The direct knowing of this moment.

Sunday, October 29, 2017