Thursday, December 18, 2014


The  nature of Knowing is Knowing.

Knowing knows.

Knowing is impersonal.

Deals with actualities only.

Knowing does not get lost in past stories 
or projects in the future.
But it sees a thought of the past 
or the imaginings of tomorrow
appearing and disappearing

The Knowing knows a thought,  
a sight, a sound,
a feeling, a touch.  
All is known by Knowing.

It is clear and alive,
and always now.
Always present.

Never not Here

Other words for Knowing are Seeing, Being

In Knowing/Seeing/Being there is no separate object. 

The object-subject dynamic has collapsed.

There is only one Thing.

One Taste.

One Intimate tasting 
of all the different expressions
of and as Itself.


Sunday, December 14, 2014


Alarmed a squirrel shrieks.

A butterfly flutters around the huge ceramic vessel on the terrace.

Strong wind through the trees.

Rhythmic the rod from the windmill cling clangs as it bangs against the pipes.

The curtain moves a little.

Ferns sway to and fro.

Thoughts pop up
and fingers tap.

There is no, 
there never was
a person at the center
of perception.

The sense of separation,
of being a person is also

By whom?

By what?

A seamless totality 
where everything appears and disappears.

Just the happening of this moment.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Do we have to trust and accept?

Or are acceptance and trust the substance of the Universe?

At each moment Life presents itself in innumerable forms.

Go for a walk in the forest or a city.
Shapes change while we move.
Colours and sounds appear and disappear and
creatures and cars come and go.

Effortlessly,  spontaneously,  naturally.

They do not need trust or acceptance 
to appear as they do.

Wherever we are and whatever presents itself
everything is already totally accepted.

The abundance of Life pouring out as it does.
With its ups and its downs.
The sunny days and the cyclones.
The ecstasy and the depression.

Happening without resistance.

Only those who are under the spell 
of being separate from creation 
will try to accept
what has been accepted 

Monday, December 1, 2014