Wednesday, July 26, 2017


A pigeon flapping its wings.
Pale sunlight filtering through the curtains.
Voices of pedestrians on the street.
A car door slams shut.

It is possible to fall out of time.
Between the past and the future
in the present.

Presence of Now.

Cracks in the armour of the mind.

Falling into 
God knows

Not knowing.
And not minding

And yet,
fully present
and alive.

Tickling sensations 
all over
and the sensing of
all of Life,
which does not exclude

Not even parallel lives
and lives to come
if this might be the case.

Can we conceive of something
when the mind resists?

Songs of creativity, intuition and insight.

Everything is whispering the truth
of the fabric of the universe.

For us to discover.

Calling from beyond the veil.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Of Laptops and Mice

Before perception is put into words,
before the mind has framed and labelled 
the sensory information it is
color, shape, sound, taste, touch.

And if we slow way down
it is vibration or energy.

It is open and immediate.
And happens automatically 
when the hold of the mind relaxes.

A letting go of the need to be in control.


Overcast and quiet.
A crow descends on a rooftop.
The whirring and clicking sounds of laptops and mice.
A wordless perception wonders.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Two in One

All that is, 
is forever in movement, 
evolving, in process,
always breaking out of existing status quos

At the same time;
This is always the same.
Still and unmoving. 
The all seeing nature. 

All knowing.
Seeing knowing perceiving.

This is the constant in the ever moving
towards freedom process which is happening
in our own body/mind, life.

Two aspects of One single thing.
Forever moving and forever still

Friday, June 2, 2017