Saturday, June 24, 2017

Two in One

This is forever in movement, 
always evolving,  in process,
always breaking out of existing status quo s

At the same time This is always the same.
Still and unmoving. 
The all seeing nature.
All knowing.
Seeing knowing perceiving.

This is the constant in the ever moving
towards freedom process which is happening
in our own body/mind, life.

Two aspects of One single thing.
Forever moving and forever still

And when the time is ripe  
everything that has up to now been hidden
in e.g. our bodies because of emotional scarring,
will come out of hiding
to be felt and experienced.

And then letting go happens by itself.

More space for freedom.

There is however always freedom.
So there is also the freedom to remain at a certain station.

Because the time is not ripe yet.
The scarring is so much that there is not yet the
strength to face what needs to be faced.
Or the being is lacking in courage and wisdom 
to bring him/herself to feel what needs to be felt
in order that the fullness of the being and life 
can be lived.

And then a life time can pass.

Stuck at a station, 
confined by familiar concepts,
which we keep repeating.
because they provide comfort and solace.

Until one day this will also change.
Either by facing up to the challenge
or by death.

Rearranging the furniture.

Nothing is ever static

Friday, June 2, 2017

Bummer ?

There is only one substance.
There is only this.

No words can touch it,
describe it.

This is self evident, self existent, self aware.

One substance
appearing as all shapes and form. 

Everything which is seen, felt, thought, perceived is this.
All forms, colours, movements, processes 
all that exists is this.

There is nothing ever separate from this.

And that is how things are.
We are and never were separate from it.

Hence you will never realize it


The bad news:
you will never get it.

The good news:
you were never not this.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Are we?

Is it possible to perceive directly?
Sense perceptions, thoughts, emotions.

Without a story?
Without resistance?

Just perceiving what is? 

Is it?

Can we thin out the personal contraction?
Examine our assumptions which have up to now
been a veil between what we have called ourselves 
and the world.

Well yes it is possible
but there is no fixed path.
And no need to follow anyone, 
though we can for awhile if this feels right.

Each one has its own unique journey.

Start listening to that which moves us.

Our intuition, discernment can directly be guided
by Knowing provided we are honest. 

Refusing to fool ourselves.
Absolute honesty

So first find out what is moving and living within us.
What is the question, the quest?
What is it that motivates our life?

To be comfortable and
settling for the status quo? 

Or a passion for knowing the Goddamn Truth
whatever the cost.

( Choose wisely because this can cost you your life. )

Where do we stand? 

We cannot go wrong
after all we are already what we are looking for.

Can we fall into this mystery?

Giving up the need to know and control? 

Surrendering to not knowing?
Open to whatever shows up?

Are we ready?

Sunday, April 23, 2017