Sunday, August 31, 2014

Like a leaf...

What changes after the illusion of being 
a someone has fallen away?
What is different when the personal
energetic contraction has evaporated?

Well actually not much.

Before things were just happening
and after things are just happening.

An illusion is gone,  that is all. illusion is real 
before it is seen as an illusion.
Therefor the illusion of being a someone
who is in control has an enormous 
influence on our life.
Because of this belief we think and act
as if we are responsible for our lives and actions.
We are trying our level best to make our lives
succesfull, happy, prosperous, comfortable, meaningful etc.
And we become frustrated, irritated, upset, tense,
( in other words we resist
if life is not going the way we want.

What if we had no control over any of this and never had? 
after all:
Do we choose our genes, DNA, our country of birth
or our gender?
Do we choose the events, calamities, actions happening
to us, or the people we meet?
Do we choose our moods, our depressions and irritations?
And do we choose our thoughts and inclinations?
Or are things just happening?

What if there never was control?

When the belief in this illusion has fallen away
we fall into the openness of life
In free fall.

When the personal contraction 
has nothing to hold on to anymore
we surrender to unknowing.
Like a child carried by its mother.
Like a leaf blown by the wind.

The bliss of letting go.

Life happening

Sunday, August 17, 2014


This is a terrible message for the person.

There is Nothing in the topic of Nonduality for the person.

There is not a someone who will get 
more happy, more free, more intelligent.

This is NOT what the person wants to hear.

It is a bleak landscape with no control.

An emptiness which is disconcerting.

When through Grace the contraction of the
energetic construct of a felt identity falls away,
the center of existence of this person is gone.

The me around which the entire life has been operating
my story,  my character,  my past,  my blah blah 
drops away.

Much like they say in all the texts:
it is the death of the personal self.

At the same time:
You are already That which is aware and sees
the story of the person happening.
Sees everything always already happening.

And there is Nothing that needs to be done
to come closer to what you already are.

It is the noticing of presence of awareness.
And noticing that this is always already in place.
Always has been.

The simplicity of This is something from which
the mind and self turn away.
Can't be this.
Can't be this simple.

And they go on
hand in hand
looking for things to do,
how to come closer
to what is.

Maybe just notice this tendency of the mind?
Notice this happening in what we are?

Awareness sees it All.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Life at Zero Distance

How far do we have to travel
what distance we have to go
what time frame will deliver
the freedom from ourselves?

In a way we all feel something is not right.
We look for happiness somewhere else.
Because where we are it is not.
Isn't it?

And that is right.

When the identification is not seen through
when we believe ourselves to be
a someone separate from what is
the filters in place will distort our perceptions.

Life is experienced through a haze of concepts and ideas.

Life feels limited,  predictable and boring.

A daily routine, 
or family set up, 
or work situation,
or our depression and illness,
we blame for an unfulfilled life.

What if...
you look at where you are
and question anything and everything
all labels 
all assumptions
all limitations
all beliefs
all concepts.

The freedom from the idea of being a someone
will strip you naked.

And you will discover
that fulfillment
is here and now.

Life at zero distance.

Sunday, August 3, 2014