Friday, January 16, 2015

Delete Delete

We are thrown into this amazing world.
Into this marvelous human body.

Arriving here in an unknowing knowing wonder.

All the senses registering what presents itself.

Baby's eyes open.
Still pools of reflection.

Then growing up,
increasingly in a bewildered realisation.

Becoming aware 
of the energetic confinement 
of assumptions.

We start to bump into things.

The body which was first a portal of exploration
now our interface with the world.

We have taken on an identity.
Limiting ourselves to the flesh 
and the ideas we have
about ourselves 
and the world.

Do we realize how many concepts we have
taken on unquestioningly?

Are we aware that we are 
not what we think,
what we feel,  
what we perceive?

That we are 
not our memories 
our ideas 
and our character?

Are we aware that we are just the noticing
of This very moment?

Everything else is an add on.

Apps which have been 
downloaded without

Delete  Delete Delete

Open the portals of perception.

Pure and Simple.

The Freedom of being Nothing and None.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Hope ?

When there is hope that 
tomorrow will be better..

When there is hope that
what is right here
will be changed 
into a brighter future...

When we hope that later on
what is right now
will smoothen out
and be more comfortable..

we live in resistance to what is.

with all its imperfections
and challenges
is not good enough.

with all the odd bits 
here and there
is not living up to 
our dreams and expectations.

It is only when 
all hope 
all aspirations for a great tomorrow
all desire for a better life
have left us...

that we are confronted with 
the beauty and immediacy 
of what is 
right here and now.

The blinkers fallen from our eyes.

Suddenly aware of the  
unimaginable extraordinary 
ordinariness of existence.

The mystery of life 
as it is.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fashion models

Growing up, as little children,
we are noticing everything directly,
as there is not yet a fixed position.

It is one fluid field of knowing. 

Until we are conditioned,
from morning to night,
that what we are is limited to the body.   
This is our identity.

And as nobody has told us 
of the ever present nature
of our being,  
we believe the lie and
settle for a fake reality 

Somewhere we know we are 
beautiful and divine.

But we are told not to brag, 
not to show ourselves 
and to hide.

Somewhere we know we are 
timeless, ageless and perfect.

But we are never confirmed 
in this intuitive knowing and thus
slide into inferiority complexes 
because our ever changing
appearance does not match the 
fashion models of this moment.

Somewhere we know we are 
ever present and all knowing;
our direct perceptions revealing 
the truth of existence as it is.

But we get caught up in the 
story of separation of human 'doings.'
Entering the stream of time. 
Of past and future.
And end up living in a conceptual framework 
where things are only known by its labels.

Somewhere we all know we are 
already whole and complete.

And that is why this message 
of Nonduality is resonating.

It is already telling us
what we know to be true.

This message of our true nature 
which has been forgotten and beaten
out of us from early childhood.

Trust this message?
Let it take us home?

A place we never left.

As this is All there is
and what we Are.  

The direct knowing of this moment.

Thursday, December 18, 2014